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Every new day is an opportunity for a new pair of shoes. You're on your feet all day, so let us show you what's going on in sexy footwear. Don't let it get boring, let High Heels pave the way.

Finding Shoes For Plus Size Feet

Having big feet: what's good about it? If this sounds like you, then you may already be shouting "Nothing!" at the screen. Indeed, if you're short-listing your 'Two worst things about having big feet', it will surely be: Problem #1 - Struggling to find nice heels Problem #2 - Struggling to make those nice heels look good on your big feet. And [...]

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Choosing Heels for Valentine’s Day

Do you want your man to be head over heels in love? (Pardon the pun.) At High Heels, we’re firm believers that, when it comes to Valentine’s day, the only outfit you’ll need is a pair of beautiful, sexy high heels. Read on to find out which heels will be the perfect fit.Strapless Shoes All our shoes are pretty [...]

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A Man's Guide to Buying High Heels

When it comes to women adopting traditional male-type fashion for the latest trend-setting looks, almost no one bats an eye. But for men tipping a (big) toe into the world of high heels, it can be much more daunting. But make no mistake: there are plenty of men who are not only keen on navigating the world of high heels, [...]

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Unleash The Real You In 2017

The future is now; there's no point in putting off the real you anymore. The world wants to see you, in all your glory, beauty and authenticity. That means it's time to wear, with pride, the shoes you've been dreaming of. Shoes are a way of expressing your unique identity. And, here at highheels.com.au, we celebrate people [...]

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4 Tips For Staying Heel Savvy On New Year's Eve

When it comes to high heels, New Year's Eve can be the best night of the year. It's when we let our hair down, dress up in our newest outfits and bid farewell to a long, tough year and look ahead with excitement and optimism to the next. But what's the worst thing about those daring [...]

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Master The Basics Of Pole Dancing From Home

Pole dancing is one of the most creative ways to work on your fitness. More and more gyms are offering pole dancing classes, while specialised pole dancing studios are becoming more prevalent across Australia. While opting for beginner pole dancing classes is recommended, there's no reason you can't get acquainted with the basics from home. Install [...]

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The Science Behind Pole Dancing

When we think about pole dancing, some of us might picture dark nightclubs in the early hours of the morning, with scantily clad women sliding up and down poles in a sexy fashion But historically, pole dancing has actually been around for centuries, and certainly didn’t start off with strippers dancing in their underwear. In fact, pole dancing [...]

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How Women Are Empowered Through Exotic Dance

One of the latest and greatest businesses that can now be seen all over the place are pole dancing classes for women. Inside, scantily-clad women enthusiastically twirl and flex, and love every second of it. But hang on - isn't this degrading to women? Isn't it objectifying them? Ask those doing the twirling and flexing, and [...]

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How Heels Will Help Your Summer Health

High heels: every woman needs a pair, and most women love them. And as we have covered in a previous blog post, even men can't get enough of living an inch or five off the ground!High heels give us confidence and attract attention, they can flatter the body with height and accentuate the legs, and let's [...]

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