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4 Beginner Pole Dancing Moves

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If you're curious about pole dancing, but not sure where or how to start, you've landed on the right page. Here, we give you a gentle introduction to the sport that's taking Australia by storm. Get going with these four beginner's moves.

1. Front hook spin

Pole dancing involves a lot of spinning. One of the easiest spins to try is the " front hook". First, walk around the pole in a circle, holding it with your inside hand up high (just about your head). Then, swing yourself onto the pole, by grabbing it with your outside hand (just above shoulder level) and hooking it with your inside knee. Both feet should come off the floor, with your outside leg staying free of the pole.

2. The pole slide

Stand with your back to the pole. Place one hand above your head and grab the pole, with the palm of your hand facing towards you and your fingers facing upwards. Place the other hand on the pole, fingers facing downwards, at hip height. Lift the leg corresponding with the higher hand; keep the other on the floor. Now, slide down the pole.

3. The push-up

You don't even need a pole for this one. It gives you a way of retrieving yourself from the floor without losing your flow. Start sitting on the floor (leaning on the pole, if you like). Turn over onto your stomach, keeping your legs together. Once you're flat on the floor, lift yourself up by putting your behind into the air first and leaning on your hands. Your head should come up last.

4. Hip moves

Hold the pole and stand on the balls of your feet. The next step is to bend your knees and turn them to the left. Bend them further, causing your hips to dip. When you're as low as you can go, spin your legs to the right, then pull yourself up. Your aim is to make a smooth curve with your hips.

Get the right shoes

Whichever move you'd like to learn, you definitely need the right shoes! That's why we stock a wide range of pole dancing shoes, from classic black and white styles to blingy, golden heels.

Have you tried any of these moves? How did they work for you?


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