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6 Heels Every Wardrobe Needs

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High heels continue to be a winner for women all over the world. They look sexy, boost height, make the wearer look slim and even trim fat from the calves with prolonged use.

But the world of high heels is a wide one that can be hard to navigate, with so many different types and varieties on the market. So let's have a closer look at six types of heels that we think every woman should have in their wardrobe.

1. Pumps

In short, pumps are the definitive high heel. The staple for every wardrobe, you will probably have more than one pair but they'll be about 7-8 centimetres in height, low cut around the front, in traditional patent leather and can be worn pretty much anywhere, including to work or with a formal dress.

2. Kitten heels

Another popular pick is the kitten heel, which is the perfect combination of fashionable style and sexiness but with a lower, more practical heel for comfort or a more casual setting. They're good for a party or function when you still need to look your best but may be on your feet a lot.

3. Stilettos

Now you're talking - stilettos are for when you really want to make a statement with a super high heel that can top the charts at a huge 20 centimetres or beyond. Tricky to walk in but perfect for those a little (or a lot!) short in stature.

4. Platform heels

Platform heels can be perfect for those who love the look of stilettos but struggle to comfortably walk in them, as the platform reduces the height differential between the toes and the back of the foot whilst the shoe still boasts a huge heel.

5. Chunky heels

Another great heel innovation that can combine lots of height with more comfort than a regular heel or stiletto is a chunky heel. Basically, the heel itself is much chunkier, which makes for more stable walking, but we think the look itself is also awesome.

6. High heel boots

Boots with high heels come in all shapes and sizes, from knee height and beyond, for that ultra-sexy look, or ending just above the ankle for even the most casual of outings. But no matter what, when you're contemplating a boot, make it really purr with a heel.

This list from the wide world of women's shoes is by no means exhaustive, so if we've missed your favourite heel, don't be shy about letting us know in the comments.


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