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The Science Behind Pole Dancing

When we think about pole dancing, some of us might picture dark nightclubs in the early hours of the morning, with scantily clad women sliding up and down poles in a sexy fashion But historically, pole dancing has actually been around for centuries, and certainly didn’t start off with strippers dancing in their underwear. In fact, pole dancing [...]

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How Women Are Empowered Through Exotic Dance

One of the latest and greatest businesses that can now be seen all over the place are pole dancing classes for women. Inside, scantily-clad women enthusiastically twirl and flex, and love every second of it. But hang on - isn't this degrading to women? Isn't it objectifying them? Ask those doing the twirling and flexing, and [...]

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How Heels Will Help Your Summer Health

High heels: every woman needs a pair, and most women love them. And as we have covered in a previous blog post, even men can't get enough of living an inch or five off the ground!High heels give us confidence and attract attention, they can flatter the body with height and accentuate the legs, and let's [...]

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The Rise of Alternative Footwear

Wild, weird and wonderful, alternative footwear is becoming the ultimate expression of individuality for shoe lovers internationally. Epitomised by fashion icon Lady Gaga, whose towering studded platforms, bejewelled boots and PVC heeled ballet slippers have made regular appearances in all of the top fashion magazines, alternative footwear has become the cutting edge of fashion. From [...]

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Let's Talk About Plus Size Shoes

Whatever size and shape we are born with, there's something most women have in common - a love of shoes! Whether high heels make you happy, you're fascinated by flats or you salivate over sandals, every woman has her personal favourites. The only dilemma when it comes to buying shoes for women is not every [...]

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The Perils Of Competition Choreography

After spending countless hours in the gym dedicated to perfecting your physique, measuring your meals to the nearest calorie and posing for so long in the mirror you feel like your face is about to seize up, you know you're nearly ready for your body building competition. Now it's time to find the perfect heels!Importance [...]

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6 Heels Every Wardrobe Needs

High heels continue to be a winner for women all over the world. They look sexy, boost height, make the wearer look slim and even trim fat from the calves with prolonged use. But the world of high heels is a wide one that can be hard to navigate, with so many different types and varieties [...]

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Why Men Wear Heels

Men wearing high heels doesn't make much sense, right? Wrong! Not too long ago, being a man was all about the cliché: Burly, manly, masculine - dig the road and bring home the bacon. Of course, there have always been exceptions. Men dressing like women is not new, but gay men are now more comfortable than ever [...]

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