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A Man's Guide to Buying High Heels

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When it comes to women adopting traditional male-type fashion for the latest trend-setting looks, almost no one bats an eye. But for men tipping a (big) toe into the world of high heels, it can be much more daunting.

But make no mistake: there are plenty of men who are not only keen on navigating the world of high heels, but are nothing short of determined to let their 'real me' out in 2017.

Even so, there's not a lot of information out there to give these adventurous men a helping hand. So let's get started:

1. Don't be shy

Firstly, don't be shy. The fashion world is opening up, gender and fashion lines are continually blurring, and even hot  pink platform stilettos are not off-limits for men. So don't hesitate any longer, and read on.

2. Find your size

Next, figuring out what size you are for high heels is difficult enough for a man, but actually finding what you need in that size can be something else. Luckily, there are some things you can do.

Try physically measuring your feet and then using sizing guides on websites to figure out what size you are for women's shoes. At HighHeels.com.au, we recommend that for open toe shoes, men should add 2 sizes to their normal shoe size, and for closed shoes, 3 sizes.

3. Commit to learning

As women who have worn high heels for years will tell any male newcomer to this exciting world - it's not necessarily painless. So here are some quick tips for the guys:

  • Start low: You might want to get started with some wedges, or some low and wider heels, before moving on to stilettos. You'll be able to get used to walking in heels without being in too much pain or losing balance. 
  • Borrow: We're quite sure you know a few female friends who will loan you their high heels. With any luck, they'll be approximately your size, giving you an idea of what your size is and an easy, not-too-embarrassing first foray into the high heel world. 
  • Lock your knees: Get used to the idea that walking in high heels is different to walking in other shoes. Try locking your knees more than usual, and commit to practising around the house for hours, days and even weeks.  

4. Explore HighHeels.com.au

For men's high heels, you've come to the right place. In our  men's section, we have pretty much every style you can imagine in a convenient range of  plus-size options for both women and men with even very big feet up to size 14.

Are you a daring man who wears high heels? Or an experienced female heel wearer with some great wisdom to pass on? We're quite sure any high heel newbies would love to hear your advice, so please join in the fun in the comments.


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