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Choosing Heels for Valentine’s Day

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Do you want your man to be head over heels in love? (Pardon the pun.) At High Heels, we’re firm believers that, when it comes to Valentine’s day, the only outfit you’ll need is a pair of beautiful, sexy high heels. Read on to find out which heels will be the perfect fit.

Strapless Shoes

All our shoes are pretty sexy, but if you’re a simple girl who likes understated glamour, the strapless shoe is right for you. The best part is, it’s easy to slip off at the end of the evening ;)

Get the look:

Our Adore-701 shoe in champagne is sure to have him toasting to you.

The Platform Performer

Platforms are actually surprisingly comfy to wear. The rake (slant between the heel and the ball of the foot) is lessened, and a thick wedge means you can get away with standing tall while being down to earth (every man’s dream!). If you’re a girl who enjoys her creature comforts, a platform shoe is your V-day show stopper.

Get the Look:

For maximum comfort, choose platforms that are low-heeled and open toed. We recommend the Adore-1010-3.

Bold in Boots

Are you and your partner city slickers? Ankle boots are great way to dress up for a date at the local club or pub, and be a little bit stylish.

Get the Look:

We think the Sexy-50 paired with some tight black jeans, perfectly portrays the polished, modern look.

Thigh Highs

If you wear thigh highs, prepare to have your man up on cloud 9. Easily one of the sexiest items of clothing around, they send a clear statement of your Valentine’s day intentions. Not for the faint hearted!

Get the look:

Pair the Delight-3023 with strappy chaps, lingerie and voila! You’re set for sexy times ;)

Pole Dancing Pleasers

This list wouldn’t be complete without us mentioning our favourite type of shoe – the rhinestone encrusted, strappy and sparkly pole dancer’s shoe.

If you’re a fan of feeling empowered and awesome, or just want to walk on the wild side, dress to impress with pole dancing pleasers.

Get the Look:

We love our classic Stardust-708 in baby pink.

What shoe is your favourite? What do you think your partner likes best? We’d love to hear from you. Just remember, no matter what your wearing on the big day, confidence is always the best accessory.


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