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Dare to Compete

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So today I am inspired by all you amazing men and woman who DARE TO COMPETE,

Whether it be pole dance competitions, fitness competitions, dance, or whatever your putting yourself out there for. I have watched for years and years the hard work, dedication blood sweat sequins and tears that goes into all the comp prep. In some cases, the complete body transformations.

Of course, there is an end goal. to WIN but what happens when you don’t. what happens when you put in all that hard work and you don’t even place. The feeling of being deflated and not knowing why how who what when went wrong...

But then I see a few Unicorns, some of you after disappointment, give yourself a moment but then come back with a vengeance, you train harder become more focused and more driven to succeed and to you I am in awe. You are my heroes. You are the few who DARE, you are Brave, you are Strong and you Always a Winner.

I say this to you as Thank you, for making my job fitting you for heels and dressing you so fun and allowing me to in a small way be a part of your journey.

With Love 

High heels xx


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