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Fitness Figure competition heels

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Fitness Figure Shoes

We at High heels have been fitting girls for the fitness figure competition heels for years and we have gained a wealth of knowledge and respect for such an amazing sport.

Firstly we understand that after being in the gym and basically living in sneakers that putting on a pair of heel might be daunting, but we have a few tips and advice for you when your choosing your heels .

1) The most important rule . Check with your federation about rules and regulations in regard to shoes aesthetics and height. Our staff try to keep up to date with all of these details but federations change there rules often so best to check as well.

2) Heel Height: We recommend a 4-6 inch heel. Reason for this is if you have a bit more of a height to your shoes, you will shoe more definition in your muscles , and having extra height on stage looks amazing. In saying this we do have a great range of 3 inch heel that would be suitable if you really don't want the extra height.

3) Ankle strap or No ankle strap. This is completely subjective. I can tell you that the majority of heel I sell for these competitions do have an ankle strap, the straps are clear so if you think that you might wobble or shake without an ankle strap, then strap it up it doesn't make a difference to appearance as the straps would be clear.

4)Bling. again its really up to personal preference, but I do often suggest to my first time competition clients that a plainer pair without embellishments such as the Lip-108, cocktail-508 (great for a wider foot), a pair from the delight and or kiss range. As this is their first comp it would be better to make sure your body is the number one focus. But if you cant resist a bit of bling (who doesn't love it ha) I would say a pair from the Fabulicious range. 

For more experience competitors you are already familiar with the rules and what the judges are looking for so you guys bling it up if you wanted.

5) Size does matter. This is referring to the tightness and length of the shoe. Most girls will have to go half a size to even a whole size down. Its much better for the heel to be tighter rather that looser as the plastic on the clear shoes with stretch and you definitely want you shoes firm to your feet. 

And Finally just remember that you are all CHAMPIONS for even having the determination and the drive to even think of entering one of the competitions. SO win or lose you are still a winner.    

We have a great range of Pleaser, Fabulicious and Pink Label collections too fit every foot size and height needed.

So come visit in store or give us a buzz if you had any queries .. We are here to help :)



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