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How Heels Will Help Your Summer Health

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High heels: every woman needs a pair, and most women love them. And as we have covered in a previous blog post, even men can't get enough of living an inch or five off the ground!

High heels give us confidence and attract attention, they can flatter the body with height and accentuate the legs, and let's be honest - they just look great.

Unfortunately, high heels also have a bad name. Blisters and sore feet aside, it is said women risk back problems, bad joints, stress fractures, bunions and other adverse health effects.

But lovers of heels can breathe a sigh of relief: heels can also be good for you! And as the long, cold season finally comes to an end, that's particularly great news for your summer body.

So let's take a quick look at the health benefits of high heels as you accentuate those legs for an enjoyable summer.

1. Your health

Because high heels make women feel good about themselves, that's good for you. Happiness is good for your heart and immune system; it reduces stress, aches, pains and disease.

2. Your legs

Wearing high heels is good for your legs. It strengthens and gives shape to your all-important calf muscles, which not only makes you look taller and leaner, but fitter as well.

3. Your pelvic muscles

High heels, and the way women walk in them, are even good for your pelvic floor muscles, and it has been shown that women who wear them do not need to do as many specific pelvic floor exercises.

Pelvic floor health is important for bladder and bowel control and healthy organs, and it has also been attributed to a better sex life.

4. Your joints

High heels have been shown to improve leg and muscle strength, particularly around the inside and outside of the ankle joints. Women who regularly wear high heels also have great balance.

5. Your knees

It has been said that high heels are bad for knees and the potential development or arthritis, but the opposite may actually be true, especially as research has pointed to a link between great knee health and regular dancing in high heels.

6. Your posture

Walking properly in high heels is important, and this is good for the entire musculoskeletal system, reducing injuries and improving posture, which is good for the spine.

We know that most of our readers just love their high heels, so we'd love to hear from you if you've heard about any health benefits that we haven't covered.


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