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How Women Are Empowered Through Exotic Dance

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One of the latest and greatest businesses that can now be seen all over the place are pole dancing classes for women. Inside, scantily-clad women enthusiastically twirl and flex, and love every second of it. But hang on - isn't this degrading to women? Isn't it objectifying them?

Ask those doing the twirling and flexing, and the answer is unanimous.

"We love it. It's fun."

"It doesn't objectify us. It makes us feel sexy."

Indeed, dance in all of its forms - from the most traditional and classical, like ballet and ballroom, to the most sexy and exotic, complete with barely-there outfits and high heels - is not only great for fun and fitness, but also confidence and an expression of beauty and self-expression.

So how exactly is exotic dancing actually making women more empowered?

1. It's about fitness and strength

Exotic dancing is rarely even possible without great fitness and strength - and it's certainly a great training method for achieving that. It tones women's bodies, improves their posture, and boosts their confidence - as we now know about female body building.

What does not empower women is to tell them they have no need or right to be either strong or fit. Exotic dancing changes all of that, because fit and strong women are confident and safer in threatening situations.

2. It's about self-image


With so much out there about self-esteem, confidence and a lack of it among some women, exotic dancing addresses this as well. Working out can not only be chore-free when it comes to exotic dancing, but it takes the focus off purely what the body 'looks like', and places it on what the body is able to actually 'do' as well - which is infinitely more healthy for the body and the mind.

3. It puts the woman in charge of 'sexy'

In total contrast to, say, stripping, where 'sexy' is essentially in the hands of the onlooker, exotic dancing is different. It's athletic, skilful and artistic - which has nothing to do with what is traditionally 'sexy'. But if the exotic dancer wants it to be sexy, it most certainly is, so it allows her to express sexuality on their terms, not someone else's.

Of course, this is one of those topics that divides opinions, so if you have another view, we'd love to hear from you. On the other hand, you may have thought of a way exotic dancing empowers women that we have missed, so don't be shy to let us know.


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