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Pleaser has just come out in the last 30 days Brand New Styles !

Including great new products in the Pink Label range. This range has a great variety of "extended sizes" from 11-16 which mean if you have a larger foot and want to rock out in a pair of heels , we have a great collection for you.

We feel very passionate about having a great Plus size shoe and boots range due to the high demand of Woman no matter how tall or size they are still wanting to wear sky high heels. Also the HUGE Drag, cross dresser and  transgender community that didn't have a place to come shop to supply them with a range of sizes and styles  to match all there fabulous outfits. 

Be that said we also have a great Range of pleaser Plus size range for everyday wear just in case you wanted to take a break from glitter and glitz  (the very rare occasion haha). 

We also have some great new Fitness Figure competitions, Pole dancing heels and boots just released . Pole dancing and just generally  embracing  the "unicorn"  with in, has become a common theme with our generation. So bring on the Sky high heels , the glitter, the rhinestones and giant platforms.

We hope you love the new shoes and boots just as much as we do. Check out the new arrivals sections for the latest Pleaser Shoes and boots.

So please come into store or check  us out online or in store for great deals prices and service from the team at high heels 


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