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- New Year's Eve

4 Tips For Staying Heel Savvy On New Year's Eve

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When it comes to high heels, New Year's Eve can be the best night of the year. It's when we let our hair down, dress up in our newest outfits and bid farewell to a long, tough year and look ahead with excitement and optimism to the next.

But what's the worst thing about those daring New Year's heel choices?

Sore feet.

Perhaps in the past you have been bold with those New Year's high heels - like stiletto boots, strappy platform sandals, mesh lace-up heels, or all your  old favourites - and promised yourself at the end of the night 'I will be more sensible next year'.

But stay bold, stay sexy and get these New Year's high heel hacks instead:

1. Practice

It's only just the beginning of December, so there's still plenty of time to get used to those high, high heels that you've just bought or don't use very often. In fact,  heels are actually good for you, so if you're a newcomer, this is a great opportunity to get stuck into a new passion.

'Break them in' at home, so that when they start to become uncomfortable, you're not left stranded on party night. And if you really can't adjust to your new shoes, you've still got time to return them and try another choice instead.

2. Moisturise

It may sound silly, but before you put on those bold, sexy high heels for the craziest night of the year, moisturise. In fact, moisturising your feet should be part of your normal routine, because it keeps your bare feet in the best possible condition for a New Year's battering.

3. Use padding

There's no rule that says you have to wear those high heels just as they are out of the box. Plenty of even the most daring, fashion-conscious men and women still use all sorts of padding, cushioning, cotton, gel inserts to find the optimum comfort. Experiment with the padding that works best for you, and focus on your problem areas, like the ball of your feet and your heel. 

4. Take a break

We know you want to dance and party the night away, but take the opportunity of a break here and there. So when you sit down, take those heels off, give your feet and toes a bit of a flex and a rub, and get prepared for the next round of drinks or nightclub stop. Above all, never be put off the idea of seeing in the New Year in style with a bold, fabulous pair of high heels!

We know that our customers and readers are passionate and experienced heel wearers, so if you have some great advice don't keep it to yourself, why not let us know in the comments below?


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