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Wbff Sponsered Athletes

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This Blog is a shout out to our Sponsored Athletes Tahlia Tomney & Tamara Meyer.

They had a massive weekend at WBFF competition this past weekend in the Gold Coast.

So many stunning, dedicated, and strong woman take the stage bearing it all in the most raw and vulnerable states. I am nothing but in awe of you all and the bravery/insanity that it takes.

This was Tahlia's first fitness figure competition, while she is no stranger to competition, having taking the stage in the Aerobics world championships, Miss Nude Australia, Miss Burlesque Australia.

I believe that she has certainly found her calling.

Out of 50 woman in her category she made top 10 !! Such an amazing result. 

If you want to check out her fitness page and website follow the links, she offers amazing advice and training with a positivity and passion that is contagious.

Website-   https://www.trainedbytahlia.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=trained%20b...

Tamara Meyer is a fitness professional and is actually Tahlia couch. This is will be 2nd WBFF Competition. Her determination and constant dedication to her craft makes her a force in the industry.

It certainly pays off taking home 3rd place in her division. 

The following links are for her pages ,definitely worth a visit she knows her stuff :)



We are beyond proud of their achievements not only as competitors but as inspirations to people to work hard dig deep and be fearless.

I love watching peoples journeys and it has been my pleaser to dress and provide all you fitness shoes and heels needs.

If we have provided shoes/bikinis for your comps please #hhsydney send us the pics we would LOVE to see you rocking the stage xx


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