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First Pair of Pole Dance Heels .

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Choosing your first pair of Pole Dance shoes can be an interesting experience.

"Who would of thought you would actually be buying a pair of stripper shoes right?" ha ha

Well as I tell most of my new clients , pole dancing heels are like the sneakers of the pole world.

Here are some of my favourite styles for beginner pole dancers and exotic dancers.

Pleaser is the most popular brand for affordable pole dancing heels so here are some recommended shoes from the pleaser range.

Delight, 6inch (15.2cm) Heel, 1 3/4inch (4.5cm) platform

This range is by far the most popular starting height and style for beginners. Most pole dancers and or showgirls with probably have a pair of these in their wardrobe. 

Sizes are from 5-14 so these shoes are also popular with our plus size community, such as drag queens and cross dressers.

Great basic shoes to start off with , the style come in many many different colours but here is a few of the most popular colours.



Aspire Range

This range is a fairly new range to the Pleaser heel collection.

6inch heel, 2 1/4inch platform

Higher platform than most standard Pleaser heels, to reduce the incline distance, so feels less steep on your foot, also slightly wider in the front at the ball area, so more stable.
Featuring Vegan leather insole.

Size 5-14

The styles and colours are limited but they are another great basic beginner pole dancing shoe 


 Adore Range 

7inch (17.8cm) Heel, 2 3/4inch(7cm) platform

The adore range is a brilliant range for those of you not daunted by the height of these shoes. Even though they are a 7inch the are easy to walk in and are comfortable on the feel as the incline is not steep. 

The Adore range is huge with many different styles and colours.

Here is a few of the basic and the most popular colours for New dancers



Remember when choosing your first pair of heels that they have to be practical but its alright to have a little fun with them to :) 

 There is a huge range of heels online and in store and we are more then happy to help you choose and give you advice so don't be shy to ask, thats what we are here for xx 


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