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Unleash The Real You In 2017

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The future is now; there's no point in putting off the real you anymore. The world wants to see you, in all your glory, beauty and authenticity.

That means it's time to wear, with pride, the shoes you've been dreaming of. Shoes are a way of expressing your unique identity. And, here at highheels.com.au, we celebrate people from all walks of life. Let's take a look at some of the world's loudest and most dazzling footwear.

Fetish footwear

Whether you're a dominatrix in disguise or a shy and submissive type, there's fetish footwear to help you best convey your identity and desires.

For the dominatrix, sky-high heels are key, be they in stiletto format, or holding up thigh-high boots. Speaking of which, two of the sexiest boots on the market right now are the Ballet-3000 and the Dominatrix 3024X.

To add a dash of glamour, go for a daring colour you've never tried before - like stark white or fire engine red, as in the extreme Beyond-087 heel, which also comes with a 10-inch platform.

Pole dancing shoes

If you've fallen in love with the pole dancing craze that has been taking the world by storm and, for many women,  bringing empowerment, then it could be time to try some wilder-than-ever pole dancing shoes.

Love colour? You won't be able to go past the stunning Adore-1017RSF. Another magnificent choice is the Adore-709NLB, which are covered in eye-catching lightning bolts.

High heels for men

Whether you're a man who's never worn high heels before, but is curious, or simply want to extend your collection with shoes that are more "you", there are loads of beautiful choices.

Go metallic with the Sky-308, available in gold, baby pink, turquoise, silver, purple, red or clear, or consider a sophisticated look like the Amuse-22, which comes in black, white, nude, hot pink or red.

Then, of course, there are boots galore. Experiment with a faux leather look by trying on the Indulge-2000 and add laces with the Indulge-3063 .

So, which shoes are you going to unleash in 2017?

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