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Master The Basics Of Pole Dancing From Home

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Pole dancing is one of the most creative ways to work on your fitness. More and more gyms are offering pole dancing classes, while specialised pole dancing studios are becoming more prevalent across Australia. While opting for beginner pole dancing classes is recommended, there's no reason you can't get acquainted with the basics from home.

Install a pole

If you want to practise pole dancing from home you will, of course, need a pole. Many independent retailers supply quality free-standing poles that you can install in your very own home. Make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully and ensure that the pole is secured to both your ceiling and floor. Choose the location for your pole carefully - it needs to be in a place that has adequate space to move around.

Dress appropriately

Before you hit the pole, you need to dress the part. You should opt for stretchy, comfortable activewear that exposes your legs and arms. You want to have a large amount of bare skin, as this will give you a better grip on the pole. You may prefer to begin barefoot while you are learning the basics, but many find that heels aid self-expression and empowerment. Make sure you invest in specialist pole dancing heels that are durable and reliable and make sure your skin is clean. Avoid putting on oils or moisturisers before pole dancing.

The wrap around

Grab the pole with your dominant hand (at about head height) and position your inside foot near the base of the pole. Straighten your arm and pull your weight away from the pole. Swing your outside leg out straight to the side and swing completely around the pole, pivoting on your inside foot as you do so. You can bend your knee slightly to smoothen the movement. Lower your outer foot behind the inner foot and transfer your weight to the outer foot. Hook your inside leg around the front of the pole, gripping it behind your knee. Arch your body backwards to complete the move. After you have mastered the wrap around, you can experiment with other basic moves such as the basic climb and the fireman swing.

Are you a beginner pole dancer? What helpful tips do you have for other beginners practising at home? What basic moves have you mastered?


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