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The Perils Of Competition Choreography

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After spending countless hours in the gym dedicated to perfecting your physique, measuring your meals to the nearest calorie and posing for so long in the mirror you feel like your face is about to seize up, you know you're nearly ready for your body building competition. Now it's time to find the perfect heels!

Importance Of The Right High Heels For Female Body Building Competition

High heels are a vital element of figure fitness competitions to accentuate your sculptured muscles to perfection, while performing your choreographed routine. When selecting heels in which to compete, many female body builders aren't aware of rules concerning what heels are acceptable and those that fall outside the guidelines. This often makes selecting the ideal heels to complement your figure a more complex process than you may have initially thought.

Rules On The Right Choice Of High Heels For Competition

High platform style heels aren't allowed in competitions, which could be seen as a saving grace for female body building competitors, as teetering above massive heels on a hardwood stage while oiled up to the eyeballs is not without its perils! A tip for first-time figure fitness competitors: it's well worth checking competition regulations before investing in a new set of high heels for your routine.

Tips For Choosing High Heels For Your Competition

The key to selecting the perfect heels for your body building competition is to find a style that creates an illusion of leg extension, rather than a shoe that cuts across your foot, shortening the appearance of your leg length. If you haven't been blessed with hourglass proportions and have thickness in your calves, thighs or ankles, by staying away from ankle straps it won't be as noticeable. Clear heels can often be a good choice to give the sleek look of a longer leg.

By following these tips on selecting the ideal heels for your figure when competing, you'll be able to perform at your best! Check out the range at High Heels for a wide selection of stylish and sexy  figure fitness competition shoes.


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