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Why Men Wear Heels

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Men wearing high heels doesn't make much sense, right? Wrong!

Not too long ago, being a man was all about the cliché: Burly, manly, masculine - dig the road and bring home the bacon.

Of course, there have always been exceptions. Men dressing like women is not new, but gay men are now more comfortable than ever about combining their mainly male fashion styles with some  heels and makeup, to express who they truly are.

Men were the first in heels

Actually, men were the first ones to ever wear high heels. Centuries ago, it was the footwear of choice for riding horses, and the five-foot-four Louis XIV famously wore heels. As the craze caught on, aristocrats exerted their power by going higher and higher - and the highest of high heels was born - for men.

Eventually, male fashion dropped all the jewellery, colour and makeup - and heels - and all of this glitz became the ultimate expression of femininity and sexiness.

Men have always worn heels

In reality, there has never really been a time when men didn't wear heels. In the 1960s, cowboy heels came back in but they were never really 'out', and platform shoes were 'de rigueur' in the disco 70s when the likes of David Bowie and Elton John wore whatever they liked - the more glam, the better. And Prince, let's not forget, never got tired of heels.

High heels for men went out for a while, but they're coming back. The latest trends are blurring the lines big time between genders, with unisex fashion now all the rage. On the Milan and New York catwalks, exciting and free androgyny is everywhere, and the heels being worn by men are not just masculine versions - they are bright, sexy and traditionally female heels as well, all the way up to the sexiest of stilettos.

Androgyny is now the height of fashion

Male models are looking more androgynous than ever before in 2016, often showing off dainty lace shirts combined with open-toe heels. Fashion is fiercely unafraid of being called gay, straight, bi, trans or anything else, and that's a truly great thing.

There are plenty of contemporary men, like Robert Downey Jr, Kanye West and Mick Jagger, who have always loved wearing heels of some sort, but can you think of anyone else? We'd love to hear from you.


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